“The Mercenary” to be Released December 1st, 2013

Hello all you romance readers!

The Mercenary is currently getting its absolute final touches done for its release on December 1st. The eBook will be launched in all major online retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

The listing price will be $7.99USD.

Here’s a synopsis of The Mercenary:

The last person Benjamin Kade expected to find in his interrogation room was someone like Carys Munro.

Benjamin Kade, a badass gun-for-hire and militant jackass, has been working in the same place for the past four years – an island in the middle of nowhere. With only one more year left on his contract, he’s eager to get his life back and leave the island for good. Besides, interrogating and torturing criminals for a living was getting pretty old…

Carys Munro and her entire family have been wrongfully accused and she will do anything to protect them from torture and most certain death, even if it kills her. Her selfless sacrifice begins to melt the cold cage around Kade’s heart, while her beauty revives him in ways he never felt before. Before he even knows it, he’s helping her escape. Now they are both on the run, facing the elements and other dangers head-on.

But now, almost assured of their safety, Carys and Kade realize they have another obstacle to face. Is their ever-growing attraction just a symptom of their perilous flight from danger, or is there something deeper happening? And if so, can it survive in the real world?

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