Month: December 2013

Sneak peek of The Mercenary, Chapter One

She stood next to the sink, her hands still wet from washing them. My gaze went upwards, from the four-inch heels, up her slim calves, tight navy skirt, up her blouse, past her generous tits, and finally resting on her face. My first thought was, oh shit.

Oh shit, because she wasn’t just some woman. She wasn’t the sixty-five-year-old Colombian woman Darcy had tortured three years ago, or Lai, the woman I had once married and promptly divorced a lifetime ago. And I didn’t know whether it was because I had become a fucking monk or if I truly had impeccable taste, but she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Long, wavy, dark auburn hair framed her oval face, piercingly dark blue eyes framed by elegantly arched eyebrows, high cheekbones and a mouth that gave me an instant hard-on. Her lips were generous and pink, the bottom lip slightly fuller than the top, and I imagined sucking on it. Imagined her sucking… Fuck!

This wasn’t good.

She looked at me, bewildered, scared, and one-hundred percent more coherent than her brother. Her look was slightly defiant, and even though her clothes were somewhat tattered, her skin dirty and bruised in some areas, she was haughty, and it made my cock twitch even more.

I almost bent down and thanked God for letting me be the one to interrogate her. Rape was not a thing that had ever happened on this island, I was sure of it, but I knew too damn well how fucking twisted Darcy could be.

“Carys?” I winced inwardly at my question. Like I fucking knew her.

She stepped back half a step.

“Come with me.”

“Who are you?” she trembled. Her voice was deep and thick and full of emotion that would get her nowhere fast.

I didn’t answer but waited for her to take a fucking hint and walk the seven or so feet out the door. I couldn’t rightly tell if she was scared or defiant and without wanting to stare I couldn’t figure out her deal. When I became tired of waiting for her to move I hardened my resolve and levelled with her.

“Walk or I carry you.”


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“The Mercenary” – Q & A with Victoria Pope

Interested in how The Mercenary came to be? Here is a brief Q & A with author Victoria Pope.

Q: When did you start writing The Mercenary and how were you inspired to write it?
I started writing The Mercenary this summer (2013), two days before I went on vacation with my boyfriend to Paris. (Am I a bad gf for saying that I stole his work laptop to continue writing it?) The reason I started writing it is because for over a year I was working on this other project that was really sort of spiraling into trouble. Basically I got into a rut that I couldn’t get myself out of, and instead of despairing and moping about, I decided to write something else as an exercise in control and creativity (this might just be my new motto) – and in three months I had a completed project, from beginning to end, something that I was really proud of. It really helped me realize the importance of control. What inspired me to write it…? I think you might mean who inspired me… I don’t want to name names, but Kade was inspired by an actor/character that is on television series (which is still airing). If you can guess, then kudos to you!

Q: Let’s talk about Benjamin Kade, the main character in The Mercenary. Why is he so rough around the edges?
Kade is the ultimate bad-ass. I wanted him to be the deadliest, sexiest, rudest,  take-shit-from-no-one guy, who isn’t afraid to say what he wants or speak is his mind. He’s the ultimate in your face champion and from the start you see that he doesn’t bullshit anyone. I think we all wish we could be a bit like him and just speak our minds without caring what others think.

Q: And Carys? Where did her character stem from?
A: I think Carys is the embodiment of most women. She’s brave, yet insecure, sexy yet shy… she knows what she wants but is afraid to get it. Honestly, it was easier to write Kade because women are so complicated! One thing I wanted to make sure I did, was to keep her absolutely believable. She’s made mistakes, she’s fallen for the wrong guy, she’s not very happy with her life, she’s not a skinny supermodel. She’s a real girl, dealing with strange and extreme issues. That’s what I hoped to convey.

Q: How much research did you have to do for the detailing of this book?
A: Most of my research was geography-based. The farthest east I’ve ever been is probably Germany, so knowing pretty much nothing about Asia or the Pacific (except where it is on the map) I did have to research a bit about Indonesia and Hong Kong, as well the airport and transportation system, or what have you. I’ve been to Scotland before, so it was a bit easier to get the landscape down, however I’ve never driven through there before, so there was a lot of mapping that to do.

Q: Who is your favorite character from The Mercenary?
A: Well obviously, I’d love to be Carys for a bit and experience that kind of adventure. But being Kade would be pretty sick as well. However Hamish is really a nice man who means well and I think I speak for all women when I say he is one hell of a father-in-law. Then again Roman is the epitome of cuteness…

Q: What authors have inspired you the most?
A: Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without Karen Marie Moning. A few years ago, my mom suggest the Fever series to me, and even though the beginning was super sad (I have two sisters so it made my heart hurt just reading the first few chapters) I could not put the damn books down. I read all the way through  the series in 2 weeks (even read at work, but I never got caught lol) and they were so bloody fantastic that I plowed through the Highlander books as well. Reading them during the summer has become a tradition. That woman is awesome. I’d love to meet her one day and just talk about hot dudes and fast cars. 

Other than Ms Moning, the gals that wrote Beautiful Bastard, Christina Lauren, are truly an inspiration to independent authors.
Also Alice Clayton is one funny bitch. (and I mean that in the best way possible)

Q: Sounds like you have eclectic tastes. What can we expect from you in the future? Any upcoming projects?
A: I do have a few projects in the wings, and even a series that I’m working on. Some are of the same ilk as The Mercenary, and some are completely different. There is a project that I’m working on that is heavily based on classic rock. I would write it as a musical screenplay if I had the patience.

Q: Sounds interesting! Is there anything else you’d like your readers to know about The Mercenary?
I just hope you enjoy it! I want you guys and gals to be entertained, that is my only goal!

Q: Last question, what made you decide to be a writer?
A: That is a very good and daunting question. For those of you that do not know, I always, without exception, envision my stories as films. It’s not because I write them for that exclusive purpose (although how awesome would that be???) but because writing screenplays are too damn complicated! Ever since I was a kid I wanted to a film director, and after I went to film school I was really sort of disheartened by the enormity of the industry. All I wanted to do was to tell stories. That’s it! So after a brief stint in finance at university and a very painfully boring office job, I decided that there was still a way I could tell stories and express myself and not have to deal with the craziness that is the film industry. I just started taking myself seriously after that, and I haven’t stopped since.

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