Sneak Peak, Chapter Three

I was officially losing my fucking mind. This morning I had woken up, ready to face what was ahead of me, ready to do my job. Sure I knew it would be a challenge, given that my job was to torture a kid and a woman, but hey, someone’s got to do it. I’d been here for four years, performed countless interrogations – ok not countless, fifty-eight – and not once did I ever think that a prisoner was innocent.

But as I stepped through her cell, her limp body in my arms I began to have doubt, a dangerous thing one could not afford on The Hole. Darcy, that bloody Neanderthal, crowded her doorway, and watched with curiosity as I laid her down gently on her cot. He’d not even seemed to notice the scratches on his face or his bloody lip.

I wanted to smile smugly at the damage but I didn’t.

Innocent little Carys packed a punch, not at all what I expected after she begged for mercy earlier. That tiny little plea of hers had caused a knot in my stomach, and god help me, made me angry with her. Angry that she was so weak.

But what the fuck did I care? The weaker she was, the easier my job would be.

“Get out of here Darcy,” I grumbled.

“What are you going to do to her? Can I watch?”

My jaw tightened and I gave him an icy stare. “We’re not supposed to provoke the prisoners. In fact, we’re not supposed to talk to them outside their cells or the Session Rooms at all.”

He shrugged it off like his daddy owned the place. “Who cares?”

I turned to him then, my chest puffed up like a defensive rooster and I took a step towards him. “If I come back here tomorrow and see one scratch, one bruise, or even a broken nail I will hunt you down Darce. I mean it.”

He looked at me pityingly, as though my threat were too late. I hoped he meant because she was already sort of beaten up, but I knew deep down he felt bad that he would have to go against my wishes. How the fuck was I going to leave her cell with the likes of Darcy waiting patiently on the sidelines. Why did he have such a compulsion to be a disgusting prick? Hell, I’d been doing this for four years and I still considered myself human.

“Sure Kade… I’ll see you at dinner.”

I mumbled my acknowledgement and watched him leave. I didn’t move a muscle until I heard the outer door slam shut.

I looked down at her.

Had there not been hidden cameras I might have covered her with a blanket. The thought made me laugh and I left the cell quickly so I wouldn’t wake her. I Imagined what she would think if she saw me in there laughing at her. Not that I gave a shit about what she thought.

I stepped into the hall and closed the door, leaning on it while holding my head in my hands. Why the hell was I protecting her when I was the one charged with torturing information out of her? I walked towards the exit wondering how the hell this day happened. I’d barely gotten any information from them, and I had clocked in half the time I should have… half the time split between two people was barely any time at all. I hoped Darcy wouldn’t try to tag team this, not until I figured this out for myself.

I would never stick my neck out for the prisoners, but I needed to know.

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