Month: August 2014

THE MERCENARY on sale for $0.99 until the release of DARK SECRETS

sw merc

Haven’t read the first of the Unhinged Series? Get your copy of THE MERCENARY for $0.99 in any format you wish from Smashwords with coupon code AD75M.  Sale ends on the release date of DARK SECRETS, September 30, 2014.



Dark Secrets

I am so pleased to reveal the cover for Dark Secrets, the second book in the Unhinged series which will be released on September 30, 2014. Pre-sale is not available just yet, but never fear, it’s just around the corner. More details will come in the following weeks, as well as excerpts and teasers. Stay Tuned!


Eleanor Reardon was a spoiled American brat her whole life. Daughter to a powerful shipping magnate and a former beauty queen, Ellie had it all: the looks, the car, and Jeremy, the hot boyfriend. So when he asked her to go with him to Edinburgh for the summer, she saw her last opportunity for fun before her final semester at university, and she took it. She never expected the decision would change their lives forever…

Troy McQueen was a private man, a man that after so many years of violence, simply wanted to do his part and be left alone. But when a young and beautiful “Ellie” stumbles into his life and asks him to help her rescue her kidnapped boyfriend, he goes against his better judgement and takes the job. It is only when he saves her from abduction that he finds out who she really is, and he realizes their lives are more intertwined than he thought.

Forced into hiding together, their tumultuous relationship starts to take its toll, and Ellie can’t stand that he knows more about her family than she does. Not only does he challenge her to wake up and smell the coffee, but he forces her to see how naïve she is about her relationship with Jeremy, and the guilt of living with him weighs heavily on her heart. It is because of her growing attraction to Troy that Ellie is more determined than ever to save Jeremy, and to get as far away from Scotland and her savior as she can.

But as more is revealed to her, Ellie realizes that Troy is the only one she can trust, and going home just isn’t an option anymore.