Month: April 2015

Excerpt from Trials of War, Unhinged #3

Here’s a bit of a teaser for all you lovelies. To set the scene up, this is right after Troy and Kade rescue Ellie from the abandoned fishery.  Troy has gone to visit the unconscious Ellie in the hospital and is alone with her in her private room.

WARNING: If you’ve not read Dark Secrets yet, there are some spoilers in here.

“Oh my god! My poor baby!”

I spun around so fast I nearly gave myself whiplash. Two people stood in the doorway, and I blinked, my brain skidding to a halt. I could not reconcile what my mind was telling me I was looking at. How could it be, anyway? Eleanor’s parents were somewhere stateside, in hiding, under protective custody and probably about to spend a shitload of time in court. I looked past the elegant blonde to the tall sable-haired man behind her. Grey-green eyes stared back at me with undeniable recognition, and I stared right back, unable to move. Murray and Winifred Reardon were the last fucking people I ever thought I’d see in this hospital.

Winnie didn’t seem to notice I was there, for she rushed to the other side of the bed, cooing and fussing over her daughter, the tears already flowing down her cheeks. From the corner of my eye I could see she hadn’t changed a bit since that photograph of her in Garrick’s office was taken. She was still beautiful, still posh, and still unbelievably kind.

Murray on the other hand, looked like absolute shit. And let’s just say I didn’t feel sorry for him. The skin under his eyes was saggy and dry, his hair was thinning out, and it looked like he hadn’t shaved in at least two weeks. His appearance was slightly confusing, seeing as how his wife looked like she had just come from a day at the spa.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he asked, his gruff voice startling his wife.

“Murray!” Winifred gasped.

I ignored her and raised a brow, surprised he would address me in such a familiar fashion. “I could ask ye the same bloody question.”

He took a step forward and pointed to the bed. “That’s my daughter, you bloody prick.”

“And I’ve been taking care of her for the past two months!”

“Well ye did a fine job of that, now didn’t you?” he said, crossing his arms.

“Murray, what the heck are you doing?” Winnie snapped, stepping away from the bed. With shaky fingers she pulled out a tissue from her pocket and dabbed her eyes. At closer inspection I could see that she wasn’t as put-together as I initially thought. “He saved our baby’s life, and you’re just going to stand there and yell at him?”

“It’s alright Mrs. Rear—”

“The fucking balls on this man!” Murray roared, throwing his arms up in the air. “Defecting from the family just to turn around and work for the Feds, and tricking my daughter into your care so you could fill her head with lies! You were like a son to him you ungrateful little shit.” (more…)