The third installment of the Unhinged Series has made a lot of progress this week. I’ve had 3 editors (friends) on this bad boy, and now I am just waiting for my actual editor to get back to me. I was really hoping to get TRIALS OF WAR released by the end of June, but extenuating circumstances had me push it waaaaaay back. BUT, if you’re curious what it’s about, here’s a little details:

It basically takes off right where we left off in the second book, DARK SECRETS. Troy is taken off bodyguard duty for Ellie, who is in the hospital after her gunshot wound. After months and months of being separated–with a few departmental changes at Interpol and Troy’s staged death–he is put back on the case of protector, and must go to NYC to act as Ellie’s “boyfriend,” despite the fact that she is infuriated with him. Bitter and alone, Ellie has changed quite a bit since Troy had last seen her, and the steamy moments they shared in Scotland seemed like a distant memory. But even across the Atlantic, they can’t escape the clutches of the gang war they’ve found themselves in the middle of, and must flee and hide in the woods in rural Pennsylvania. Their attraction gets the better of them, and the lines of pretending and reality get blurred…

I’m really quite excited to wrap up their story for everyone, as it’s been since last September. I’m confident that the fans of the series will love the ending of this book. http://igg.me/at/WmyxhyczfQA/x/11264225

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