Month: December 2015

Agent Angela Martin

Tilda-SwintonOne of my all-time favourite characters from the UNHINGED SERIES is Agent Angela Martin. She’s featured in all three novels and her character is a nasty S-O-B in every single one of them. Not only is she incredibly tough, cold and dedicated to her job, her ruthless banter with Kade shows that not only can she dish it out, but she can take it too. Kade’s hatred of her is by no means unfounded—she did prevent him from being with Carys for a while—and her repugnance towards him is certainly understandable—he’s the kind of scum she’s been fighting against for years, after all. But in the end, we all take his side of course.

Straddling the line of not quite knowing if she’s a good guy or a bad guy, and wondering what the hell is always up her ass, it’s almost like you look forward to conversations with her, because you know you’re about to watch a very skilled fighter do what she does best. And she is one sassy B.

I don’t think it would surprise anyone that I based a lot of this character after Tilda Swinton. If the UNHINGED SERIES ever became a movie, this incredible actress would play the Interpol agent that we all love to hate. Tilda Swinton is no stranger to playing the androgynous or even the stone-cold bitch, and the woman’s acting chops and cold glare is perfect for the kind of seriousness Martin is always walking around with.