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The Happy Hour Series

This new eromedy series takes a close look at the lives of three very glamorous best friends living in the picturesque seaside city of Portland, Maine. All That Sizzles is the first installment which is set to come out later this year. Check in regularly for more updates on the cover reveal and release date.

All That Sizzles (Book 1)

Ever since she could remember, Rory has always believed in the sizzle. That flighty nonsensical feeling you get when you know you’ve met someone special. Living the good life as a single gal in the city alongside her best friends, her days consist of happy hour specials, trying to figure out her dream job, and meeting a man that could sweep her off her feet. When she meets Noah she is taken aback by his beauty and artistic talent, but she is not convinced he is the one. But any man is better than Logan-the mysterious yet narcissistic jackass that seems to know more about her past than she does. The only problem is, she can’t seem to keep her hands off of him. Struggling to make up her mind about what her heart wants, Rory has some serious life decisions to make, but she knows she’s got her friends by her side. And a vodka soda doesn’t hurt either.


sw mercBook 1

  He leaned forward on the table, his large hands splayed out in front of him. “Do you know how many people have tried to make deals with me, offered me millions of dollars just to set them free?”
I shrunk back in my chair. “No.”
    “Do you know how many of those deals I have taken?”
    His voice was getting progressively louder which only caused me to shrink back further. “No.”
    “So when I tell you to talk, I bloody well mean it!
    I shuddered at his shouting commands, but I was on a weird high from my family’s release and I just nodded, unfazed by the loud noise. “Sure, no problem. Do you have a script or something?”
He brought his elbows up and rested his head on his hands for an instant before jumping to his feet. He came around the desk so fast I gasped in shock. He stood over me and I covered my face in fear.
    “Carys,” he said, his voice so calm and close that I had to look up.
    He knelt in front of me, his face parallel with mine, and it appeared that he had regained some composure.
    “You’re not telling me that you made a deal just to save your family, are you?”
    I stared. “You don’t actually think I’m guilty do you?” I nearly squeaked I was so nervous.
    His face fell. “You asked me not to hurt you because you knew this would happen.”
    I shook my head frantically. “I’ll confess to anything, I swear! Just tell me what to say!”
    He stood back and stared down at me. “Why did you do this?”
    I rose on shaky legs. “I had to! My father and my brother, they need doctors, Ian’s wife…the baby… I thought you knew I was doing this for them!”
    He ran his hands through his hair then… a gesture of his I had yet to see, and he looked at me helplessly. I knew I had done something wrong, but what else was I supposed to do? I thought he realized why I had done it. I couldn’t believe he thought I was actually guilty. I grabbed his hand and pulled.
    “Kade, I thought you knew. I thought you were going to tell me what to say,” I couldn’t hide the panic from my voice. I was sure with one phone call, my family would be back here with me, and there was no way they would let them out again. I couldn’t let that happen.
    “Just tell me what to say,” I begged. “Please, they’ll never know.”
    “Goddamn it Carys,” he gritted, his jaw muscles clenching tightly. “I thought you were actually guilty of something. I was counting on it!”
    “I can be… just give me a script and I’ll memorize it.”
    “I need you to be guilty Carys.”
    I shook my head, pulling on him. “I am, I am.”
    “You can’t be innocent.”
    “I’m not,” I pulled on him again.
    I watched the scene from a bird’s-eye view as we carried on like this. His back was against the wall, and I pulled on his hands, pleading for mercy. At first he didn’t move much. But as he begged me to be guilty and I begged him to pretend I was, there was a strange tug-of-war happening and our bodies rocked back and forth as we struggled for control. I would pull, and he would give for a nanosecond before pulling back.
    “I sell guns to the Japanese with the Reardon family,” I urged. I looked into his worried eyes, begging him with my own.
    He shook his head, pulling his hands back. “Chinese.”
    My hand slid up his arm and I pulled him which only succeeded in bringing my chest flush against his.
“That’s what I meant,” I pleaded.
    He yanked his hands out of my grasp and exhaled a sharp breath. I could see the muscles in his jaw working, the pulse in his neck thumping fast and the tension in the room crackled like static electricity. His anger towards my innocence was unexplainable, and I couldn’t understand why he was looking at me like that.
    My world was spinning out of control, and the lives of my family depended on what Kade decided to do. Again. He ran his hand through his hair, his lips white with anger, and our breaths came in and out in erratic patterns.
    His chest expanded with a deep breath and he threw his hands down. “Goddammit Carys.”
    That’s when he slammed his mouth over mine, and my whole bloody world turned upside down.
    The air escape my lungs in an erotic sound that I didn’t recognize. His hands cupped my face and his fingers found the back of my head, curling into my hair, pulling at the roots. He slanted my head to the side, sealing his lips over mine own, grinding them so fiercely that I opened my mouth for more. My stomach somersaulted as his tongue touched my own, and my fingernails dug into the skin of his forearms pulling him closer.
    My brain told me to stop, told me how foolish this was, but my body wouldn’t listen. His lips bruised, his tongue and teeth nipped and teased, and the sound of our heavy breaths filled the room. My eyes were sealed shut and I imagined we weren’t in this room, I imagined we were in an alleyway outside a club far away from here. I imagined that we saw each other inside, gave each other that look that held so much promise and met outside in the alley, not being able to take our hand off each other until we made it to one of our beds.
    He slammed me against the wall, and took my gasp into his mouth. I heard the faintest growl in the back of his throat as he pressed his body against mine. Something hard pressed into my belly and I pushed against it, feeling his kiss intensify by my boldness.
    My eyes fluttered open – I don’t even remember why – and when I saw that we weren’t alone I gasped and pushed him off me. He spun around and I could feel the tension radiate off him like waves of heat as Darcy stepped further into the room.
    He looked pleased, like a parent watching their children get along. I didn’t think anyone so nice to look at could be so disturbed. I could tell even before he attacked me that he was deeply troubled. But it didn’t make me pity him, it made me hate him even more.