Smashwords Sale from July 1-31: The Mercenary is Free for a month!

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Book 2… and 3?

Hello my lovely readers!

So in my mind, most people look at Twitter for updates on The Mercenary and its sequels, but let’s set it in stone shall we…

I’m happy to announce that the rumors are true. The Mercenary is getting a sequel, and another sequel! I decided to split up book 2 in two parts, so you have even more to look forward to!

There will of course be many more details to come regarding release dates, titles, synopsis, etc (obviously the release date for #2 must be pushed back, but I am aiming for late summer/early fall) – and there will be a grand cover reveal in the weeks/months to come.

In the mean time, feel free to purchase The Mercenary on Amazon (Kindle or Paperback) or on Smashwords. Don’t forget, you can still purchase The Mercenary for $0.99 with coupon code XJ49R.

News & Updates

Spring is finally here which means that change and hope is in the air!

You may be aware that The Mercenary is getting itself a sequel called The Mercenary 2: Dark Secrets. Although Kade and Carys do make an appearance, it is actually about another tempestuous couple called Ellie and Troy. You don’t necessarily have to read the first one to understand the second, however you won’t understand many of the back story so I would suggest doing this in proper order. More details will come soon along with the release date (aiming for May 2014), synopsis, cover and pre-order details.

Another slab of news is that for a limited time, The Mercenary is only $2.99 USD. Get it while the getting’s good!

And last but not least, most of my readers use the Amazon Kindle, and therefore see a different cover. I just wanted to clear the air and say that there is no difference, and that the cover on the left, is just the Kindle version, that’s it!

That’s all for now, folks!