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  He leaned forward on the table, his large hands splayed out in front of him. “Do you know how many people have tried to make deals with me, offered me millions of dollars just to set them free?”
I shrunk back in my chair. “No.”
    “Do you know how many of those deals I have taken?”
    His voice was getting progressively louder which only caused me to shrink back further. “No.”
    “So when I tell you to talk, I bloody well mean it!
    I shuddered at his shouting commands, but I was on a weird high from my family’s release and I just nodded, unfazed by the loud noise. “Sure, no problem. Do you have a script or something?”
He brought his elbows up and rested his head on his hands for an instant before jumping to his feet. He came around the desk so fast I gasped in shock. He stood over me and I covered my face in fear.
    “Carys,” he said, his voice so calm and close that I had to look up.
    He knelt in front of me, his face parallel with mine, and it appeared that he had regained some composure.
    “You’re not telling me that you made a deal just to save your family, are you?”
    I stared. “You don’t actually think I’m guilty do you?” I nearly squeaked I was so nervous.
    His face fell. “You asked me not to hurt you because you knew this would happen.”
    I shook my head frantically. “I’ll confess to anything, I swear! Just tell me what to say!”
    He stood back and stared down at me. “Why did you do this?”
    I rose on shaky legs. “I had to! My father and my brother, they need doctors, Ian’s wife…the baby… I thought you knew I was doing this for them!”
    He ran his hands through his hair then… a gesture of his I had yet to see, and he looked at me helplessly. I knew I had done something wrong, but what else was I supposed to do? I thought he realized why I had done it. I couldn’t believe he thought I was actually guilty. I grabbed his hand and pulled.
    “Kade, I thought you knew. I thought you were going to tell me what to say,” I couldn’t hide the panic from my voice. I was sure with one phone call, my family would be back here with me, and there was no way they would let them out again. I couldn’t let that happen.
    “Just tell me what to say,” I begged. “Please, they’ll never know.”
    “Goddamn it Carys,” he gritted, his jaw muscles clenching tightly. “I thought you were actually guilty of something. I was counting on it!”
    “I can be… just give me a script and I’ll memorize it.”
    “I need you to be guilty Carys.”
    I shook my head, pulling on him. “I am, I am.”
    “You can’t be innocent.”
    “I’m not,” I pulled on him again.
    I watched the scene from a bird’s-eye view as we carried on like this. His back was against the wall, and I pulled on his hands, pleading for mercy. At first he didn’t move much. But as he begged me to be guilty and I begged him to pretend I was, there was a strange tug-of-war happening and our bodies rocked back and forth as we struggled for control. I would pull, and he would give for a nanosecond before pulling back.
    “I sell guns to the Japanese with the Reardon family,” I urged. I looked into his worried eyes, begging him with my own.
    He shook his head, pulling his hands back. “Chinese.”
    My hand slid up his arm and I pulled him which only succeeded in bringing my chest flush against his.
“That’s what I meant,” I pleaded.
    He yanked his hands out of my grasp and exhaled a sharp breath. I could see the muscles in his jaw working, the pulse in his neck thumping fast and the tension in the room crackled like static electricity. His anger towards my innocence was unexplainable, and I couldn’t understand why he was looking at me like that.
    My world was spinning out of control, and the lives of my family depended on what Kade decided to do. Again. He ran his hand through his hair, his lips white with anger, and our breaths came in and out in erratic patterns.
    His chest expanded with a deep breath and he threw his hands down. “Goddammit Carys.”
    That’s when he slammed his mouth over mine, and my whole bloody world turned upside down.
    The air escape my lungs in an erotic sound that I didn’t recognize. His hands cupped my face and his fingers found the back of my head, curling into my hair, pulling at the roots. He slanted my head to the side, sealing his lips over mine own, grinding them so fiercely that I opened my mouth for more. My stomach somersaulted as his tongue touched my own, and my fingernails dug into the skin of his forearms pulling him closer.
    My brain told me to stop, told me how foolish this was, but my body wouldn’t listen. His lips bruised, his tongue and teeth nipped and teased, and the sound of our heavy breaths filled the room. My eyes were sealed shut and I imagined we weren’t in this room, I imagined we were in an alleyway outside a club far away from here. I imagined that we saw each other inside, gave each other that look that held so much promise and met outside in the alley, not being able to take our hand off each other until we made it to one of our beds.
    He slammed me against the wall, and took my gasp into his mouth. I heard the faintest growl in the back of his throat as he pressed his body against mine. Something hard pressed into my belly and I pushed against it, feeling his kiss intensify by my boldness.
    My eyes fluttered open – I don’t even remember why – and when I saw that we weren’t alone I gasped and pushed him off me. He spun around and I could feel the tension radiate off him like waves of heat as Darcy stepped further into the room.
    He looked pleased, like a parent watching their children get along. I didn’t think anyone so nice to look at could be so disturbed. I could tell even before he attacked me that he was deeply troubled. But it didn’t make me pity him, it made me hate him even more.

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Sneak Peek – Prologue

Dark Secrets

So, instead of giving little snippets here and there, I figured I’d give you the entire Prologue to whet your appetite!
Dark Secrets is available for Pre-Order on Amazon and iTunes, and will be available at Kobo and Barnes & Noble in the next few days. Don’t forget that The Mercenary is still on sale for $0.99 with checkout code AD75M at Smashwords. But do not worry because even if you’ve not read it, you’ll still enjoy its stand-alone sequel.




You can never really imagine how bad things can get.

Of course you worry about it… Did I leave the iron on? What if the airbags don’t go off? This headache must be a tumor…

There’s always that comforting thought—even if it’s buried deep inside you—that there’s probably nothing to worry about. And when you can breathe that sigh of relief—you didn’t forget your keys, you did just update your home insurance, you did pay that bill—there’s always that moment when you shake your head and say, “how silly of me.”

I was always one of those people who was able to relax, sit back and laugh, no matter what was happening out there in the real world. Because bad things only ever happened to other people. My life hadn’t been stained by some unseen tragedy that I would need years of therapy to cure. There were no skeletons in my closet. And as someone who was unmarked by misfortune, I lived a fairly laidback life. Nothing ever really bothered me. I had great friends, an exciting boyfriend, my own car, my parents were happily married… life was grand.

This past summer, my boyfriend, Jeremy, and his best friend, Patrick, concocted an idea that was too good to pass up. They wanted the four of us—Patrick also happened to be dating my best friend, Lisa—to go out to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival before school started. Patrick’s cousin Neil went there to study theater and was going to be in a production written by a local playwright for the festival, and since the family he was staying with had extra rooms in their house they said we could all go and stay with them for as long as we wanted. Sounds like a good deal, right? I thought so.

My parents had taken one of their many impromptu yacht trips at the end of July. Since school was going to start in a month, I decided that it was the best time for a last-minute summer adventure before my final year of university. I was in Sociology at Yale, getting really good grades and working really hard. Living at home and having my tuition paid for probably made that a little easier. I knew I was the 1% that wouldn’t have to slave away for the next fifteen years just to pay off school loans, and I was certainly grateful for it.

You see, we were sort of rich. And when I say rich, I’m going to go ahead and guess that we were somewhere in the neighborhood of Vanderbilt-rich. My dad owned a shipping company with his brother that operated out of the UK, and my mother inherited quite a bit when her father died, not to mention her occasional consulting and public speaking gigs. I was an only child, which meant the fortune would one day be mine, but I very humbly used my trust fund only for school, a few shopping sprees here or there and the occasional trip abroad. And the bmw I so lovingly called Babs was a gift from my uncle for my twenty-first birthday three years ago. Watching him try to figure out Skype when I wanted to call and thank him was both embarrassing and hilarious. He lived in Scotland, and my dad was here with us in Connecticut, but they were always on business trips together. My dad was the money man, had his iPhone and iPad with him wherever he went. He would often leave the room to take a call from his brother, who was in charge of operations, but clearly had no idea of how to operate modern-day electronics.

So, with every reason to go to Scotland written on a checklist and ready to read to my parents if they ever picked up their messages and called me back, I decided that hell freaking yeah I was going to Scotland.  (more…)

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